The music in the streets sounds in a special way thanks to all those artists who use any corner of the city center to set a good walk. The simplicity of the equipment, a guitar, a bass, amplifier and microphone is basic to offer the world your musical senses.

The coins maintain the spirit, the musicians appreciate it and keep the streets grateful. I have written several times of people who live on the street without even offering anything in return, not the same with performances that offer something in return. Perhaps in the case of the street musicians, they contribute that plus of continuing to pass through and not forget to enjoy the atmosphere created by them.

Almost always they are annoying before any camera and they let you know with gestures or simple looks that warn you that they are not at all comfortable with it. However, I try to convey the need to make them protagonists of their own work.

Almost without knowing it, many of the currency that they claim do not have the value that some of us perceive in a true artist feeling in the simplest way to make themselves known.

The most grateful way to offer yourself …



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