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Something would have to change in the values of the world where the older people do not consider themselves an active part of the progress of society. I refer to the group of older people and the role they play in a new, modern and changing society. History is repeated in each of the times that each one has lived. To enter into the future without keeping in mind the past is an unintelligent mistake.  Perhaps old age is not understood as it should be without regard for the youth to become aware as human as clumsy movements but wise in convictions.

Our elders contain something that should not be overlooked, their experience. may be more or less applicable to each current situation, but from there arises the need to be sympathetic with them, even so, they are still alive. They are capable of feeling, laughing and crying yet. We only have to be aware that in many cases, his old age does not allow him to be so spontaneous.

That is why we must learn much from them without being so egocentric..it’s called respect.

Behavior is extraordinary when there is such a sweet state of childhood that provokes feelings of appreciation just to preserve childhood.

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