Don’t look at me, don’t force yourself because you will deny me .. but you don’t look away.

Don’t justify my cardboard. I don’t live on charity, I live on the street, you will think.

Our doubts run counter to the price of truth, maybe some currency. What am I going to do with your money? that is your doubt.

My need is unconcerned, my uncomfortable presence bothers you, perhaps my lesson learned. Each time the coin sounds, the light turns on.

Here is the light … I’m here!

Artists and performers life in the streets is full of tricks, in search of a daily living more assured as a way of life. 

This is what many of us think when we meet these unique characters when it comes to donating our symbolic alms. 

Maybe we are selective depending on whether they live from the street or on the street and «our spontaneous empathy…»

«Here is the light.. I’m here ! (2.015 – 2.018)

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